Friday, November 20, 2009

So here goes the biggest post in I think forever. It is all stuff that I have done in the past 6 months, or year.

This group below are figures from FEWS. They are done in black pen, and some have accents in Copic marker. It was really nice to finally do some figure drawing for the first time in a while. I had not drawn full figure since first semester last year, which was about 11 months ago! Can't wait to get into that intermediate figure class that I am taking next semester. I am really excited about that class.

This painting was a quick micron, and watercolor that I did a few weeks ago. This scene is down at Indian beach near Ringling. It was really just to try out my new portable watercolor set that I made. It is made out of two altoids containers spliced together with baked sculpey inside that creates places to put paint. It folds up to a modest pocket sized metal tin container, and can be activated with a Niji water-brush. So much fun to use!

This digital painting was created for concept Developement class. It is the layout for a short animatic that we are doing. My animatic is about a tired hiker, and a hungry bear.

These two piece were painted last year for observational color class.

Sketch that I did in my sketchbook a few days ago.

This figure below was drawn last spring. Over spring break, I did Glenn Vilppu's figure drawing "Heads, hands and feet" workshop. If anyone wants to get better at figure, this guy is the teacher to learn from. He is such a cool guy, and is an incredible teacher. Just his presence is really amazing.

This drawing is Caran D'ache crayons on paper. It was also drawn in observational color.

Also done during the Vilppu studio.

So it has basically been a year or so since i last posted! I really feel out of date here on my blog, so I decided I would post some stuff. hopefully you like it.

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