Sunday, May 30, 2010

win for the Sox

So I went into Boston tonight with my friend, Scott to go to the Red Sox game. On the way to the game, it was pouring rain, and we were going about 25 MPH on Route 95 on the trip in. Bleh.... The weather cleared up, and we got into Boston with some time to spare. Made a quick trip over to the giant Blick store near Fenway, and bought a few pens.
The game started off with a bang, and the Sox scored in the first inning. Following that run, no more were scored. Although the game was not very exciting, I got a few drawings done.....of the outfielder of course, who was standing there bored as a highschooler...
The Red Sox got the "W"..... and we left the park in good spirits. So we walked back into brookline to my car, and found a nice parking ticket sitting on my winshield. Gahh!

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