Thursday, September 23, 2010

Judaica show WIP and some caricatures

I have been working on this painting a bit here and there for a week or so.... It is going to be my submission for the Judaica show at Ringling. I am not really sure if I am done with it or not but it's is digital. Painted in photoshop. The portrait is of my Israeli friend, Hen, who traded me her I.D.F. (Israeli defense force) dogtags in exchange for a painting, and so the dogtags will be on display next to the piece as an installation in the show.

Here are a few caricatures from DFA a warm up for our self caricature assignment, we drew some people in are a few of mine.


  1. wow matt, real nice stuff. keep up the good work bro! i want to know what happens with this exhibit