Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Museum of Science and New Years

I went to boston with a few friends from my Israel trip, and we wandered around the museum of science for a while. It was really a fun day. Lots of walking in the arctic winds of Boston. One of the Exhibits at the museum was about M.C. Escher, which was pretty awesome. They had recreated some of his impossible shapes, and had some really cool optical illusions to look at. One of the coolest thing at the museum is this 2000 year old sequoia tree cross-section. You can look closely and see every single ring from every year the tree was growing. There are little lights going across the radius of the trunk that represent certain important dates in history. The light in the latter (blurry) picture is placed on the ring that represents the year that Leonardo Da Vinci painted The Last Supper, which I thought was awesome.

In other news, I had a pretty low key new year. I had the magical idea of starting a drawing in 2010 and finishing it in 2011 without picking the pen up from the paper. The results are as follows. I was slightly amused...

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