Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Week at Blue Sky

 I know it's been a while since my last post.... as usual. Anyway.... I made the drive from Boston to New York last Sunday to move into my new place. Although the traffic was not so fun, the leaves are just starting to change, so there was some pretty amazing foliage to look at on the way over... which made the ride a lot more bearable. I started at Blue Sky last Monday, and so far it has been an awesome time! All of my coworkers in my department (and studio-wide) have been extremely gracious in welcoming me to the studio, and I can tell already that this studio has a great culture. Talk about a blur of new faces, names, and things to learn, though. My brain feels like a sponge! Either way, I am having lots of fun getting back into lighting.
As it had been a little while since I last lit, I decided to do a little exercise to get myself back into the lighting state of mind. I modeled and lit this simple scene in Maya with mental ray. The idea for the set is courtesy of Itchy Animation. I referenced the little diorama that they had setup, and took it in my own direction. This was a really fun warmup! Enjoy!

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