Thursday, December 19, 2013

 I have been doing some drawing and photography here and there, so this post will serve as a media dump from the past few weeks. At work today, I started a little nuke doodle with some simple ramps, rotos, fractal noises and other procedural nodes. It was a lot of fun, and helped pass the time while I was waiting for new shots to light. I originally started it as a matte painting where I was slapping some photographs together, but eventually I got bored of trying to slap comp the photos, and just made my own layers in nuke. I really had no plan for this, but the first image here is what I came home with.
I decided it was a bit too boring, and it was way darker on my home computer than on the studio computer,  so I edited it a little in photoshop, then added some silhouette painting on top of it just to get  a bit of intrigue/context. The rocks on the left were inspired by some pics that Yezi took in Thailand.  This was a fun little day project. It made me want to doodle in nuke more.

 I have been going to figure drawing at the studio off and on, so here are a couple of the poses I was pretty happy with.

^ This was about 30 seconds to a minute I think.
                                        I think this one may have been 30-45 minutes.

This was over an hour. I overworked it, then spent a while bringing it back to where it was.... so I ended up wasting some time on this one. Still pretty happy with it, but I am trying to plan ahead more while drawing to avoid these types of problems.

This one was a figure from memory that I did while we were on break. 

Here is Francesco sitting on his exercise ball computer chair. He was probably just bouncing around.... not working.

Francesco on the Metro. 

Random sketchbook drawings. 


Here is a caricature I did of B.B. King a few months ago. It was ink and white charcoal. I don't usually work in ink, so this was fun.

Tyrion Lannister. 

                                                                     Don't ask.

This is actually a photo that I took on my iPhone. I was messing around with this awesome watercolor app called waterLogue. My friend TofuSquirrel mentioned it on instagram yesterday, so I figured I would check it out. I want to paint watercolors that look this nice!